Instagram project #3 – the end

It’s been quite a ride since I first began my Instagram project back in October. I was brimming with excitement, and finding a renewed enthusiasm for some of the research from my PhD. As I detailed in the first two blog posts about this project, I was organised and structured in my approach and intended on maintaining a buffer of drafted posts.

However, a few things cropped up that made the project a little more challenging than I originally anticipated. I managed to confirm an impromptu trip to Bondi Beach to visit the Bondi leg of Sculpture by the Sea 2016. It was the 20th anniversary of the exhibition and it was the first time I’d visited SxSBondi (although Queensland’s Gold Coast does host the Swell Sculpture Festival every year, which I have enjoyed in the past). The trip was short – two nights – and produced a huge amount of photographs that I wanted desperately to include in the project. You’ll notice I included a lot, although I tried to maintain my thematic organisation – in fact, I created a ‘SxS’ theme in my Trello board.

And most recently, a few weeks prior to the end of the project, I started a new position at a different university. This meant moving house – not a huge move by any means – but far enough to put my closer to the coast than I’ve ever been before. I’m really excited about the changing perspective I’m going to have living at the beach instead of as a holiday beachgoer. In terms of this project, however, this mostly just served to be interruptive: lacking time, capacity, and internet connections! I was able to maintain my posting schedule and am proud to say I never missed a post.


My #bestnine2016 on Instagram (my most liked posts).

For now, I anticipate that I will enjoy a respite from the daily content posting. While I hope to continue finding ways of sharing my research through Instagram as a method of dissemination, I think loosening the rigid structure will be helpful for me personally. I also want to reflect on the experience more carefully and examine some of the data I’ve been able to collect. A job to kick off the new year, perhaps.

All of this means – stay tuned! I might not be on Instagram every day, but I’m hoping my beach collection will continue to grow. I think the #AustralianBeachspace project has more to it and it will be exciting to try more things in 2017.