Writing the Australian Beach

On Friday (August 18), I ran my first ever symposium! It was a really enjoyable day, with some excellent papers and ongoing conversations about the Australian beach and what it means to us as a country, in our fiction, on our screens, and under our feet. The original call for papers can be found here.

I wanted to capture some of the day in a blog post while it is still fresh in my mind, and also acknowledge and thank the enthusiasm and generosity of all the attendees. It was a day with wide ranging levels of experience from professor level through to very early emerging scholars. Regardless, it was a collegial atmosphere and an exciting day.

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The dark side of the beach

You might have heard me recently chatting with the personable and engaging Jonathan Green on Radio National’s Blueprint for Living! It was such a fun experience to be able to talk about the ‘dark side of the beach’ for a national audience.

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