The dark side of the beach

You might have heard me recently chatting with the personable and engaging Jonathan Green on Radio National’s Blueprint for Living! It was such a fun experience to be able to talk about the ‘dark side of the beach’ for a national audience.

You can listen to the full interview here.

Hopefully my nerves didn’t show – although I did make an error in the heat of the moment, accidentally getting the name of the excellent Deep Water incorrect (I called it Dark Harbour!).

Bondi Beach - Jeremy Bishop

I also spoke on a Geelong community radio program broadcast on 94.7 Pulse radio, on a segment of Mitchell’s Front Page. Mitchell was taking his show on the road and was broadcasting live from Bells Beach! You can listen to my segment here.

It’s interesting to me that this concept of the dark side is what perhaps attracts some attention. I now have a long time interest in the beach, and I think challenging the simplistic myth of the beach as a postcard image is important. There are a number of beach myths that deserve to be subverted in our society.

I’ve been really lucky to be invited to share some of my ideas about the beach to such a number of public forums this year.

Sunshine Coast International Readers and Writers Festival

I have been invited to present at the upcoming Sunshine Coast International Readers and Writers Festival. Our panel is called Surf’s Up, and I’m presenting alongside Phil Jarratt (also of the SCCA panel), Tom Wegener, and Ian Ingram. It’s on Saturday, August 12 at 2pm – tickets are still available.




Surf: Muse or Myth

And really, this discussion has all emerged from the opportunity I had in May to present at the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance‘s monthly ‘Juice and Jam’ breakfast event. This was hosted in conjunction with the Sunshine Coast Surf Film Festival, and the panel was titled Surf: Muse or Myth.

It was a really interesting morning and I enjoyed being able to share some of my research outside of more university-centric channels.

Now I just need to get out of the office more and spend some more time at the beach myself!

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