The Doctoral Experience

I am really excited about an upoming publication that is now available for pre-order: The Doctoral Experience: Student stories from the Creative Arts and Humanities (Brien, Batty, Ellison, Owens).

This book is the product of a surprisingly fruitful project that I was part of with my exceptional colleagues – Donna Brien, Craig Batty, and Alison Owens – and a host of generous, interesting research students. This book features their stories and it was really important to us to make sure we highlighted their voices.

It started off as a small, internal project that I was luckily welcomed into after starting at CQU. The initial workshop was so successful – you know the sort of day when you’re just buzzing with excitement afterwards? That was day one, and it only improved from there. It really got me back into my creative arts supervision ‘head’, something that had started for me as a research assistant on an OLT project while finishing my PhD (report here) and then luckily being part of the named team on a follow up OLT grant (report here).

This book emerged out of that two day workshop, thanks to some very hard work by our student contributors and my fellow editors. It’s coming out in August through Palgrave Macmillan in affordable soft cover. You can pre-order now from this link.

doctoral experience

The chapters are genuine and are built on real experience – the authors range from early stage students to recently graduated, and all are very transparent about the opportunities and challenges they faced throughout their journey.

We also have written up the research behind the project in a number of journal articles. While some are pending publication, you can read our first one here: ‘Mapping the emotional journey of the doctoral “hero”: Challenges faced and breakthroughs made by creative arts and humanities candidates’ in Arts and Humanities in Higher Education.

Book Citation:
Brien, Donna, Batty, Craig, Ellison, Elizabeth and Alison Owens (eds) (2019 in press). The Doctoral Experience: Student Stories from the Creative Arts and Humanities. Palgrave Macmillan.