Instagram Project #1 – the ‘what’ and the ‘why’

This is the first in a series posts about my Instagram project. This one is fairly academic; the next one (coming soon) is a bit more focused on the practicality of the project.

In October 2016, I began an experiment using Instagram as a method of research dissemination – the #AustralianBeachspace project. Primarily using my PhD thesis (2013) as the basis for content, I combined photographic images of Australian beaches with informational captions. The project is finite: I have three months of content planned (one post per day for six days a week) that will form an archive on completion. One of my motivations for this project was to try and capture one of my main findings from my thesis, which (in brief) is that visual representations of the beach seem to regularly prove less engaging and authentic for viewers (as evidenced by poor box office and critical reception of filmic and televisual representations of Australian beaches). As such, I wanted to experiment with visual representation as a core part of sharing information from my research into this area.

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