Instagram Project #2 – the ‘how’

In my first post about my #AustralianBeachspace Instagram project, I tried to capture the what and the why: what the project was and why I was motivated to start it. In this post, I want instead to focus a little on the how. I think it’s important to document my process in an effort to provide transparent information on how this project has been collated in order to provide context for any further discussion. This may mostly serve to highlight my inefficiencies, or be obvious to many readers. However, I certainly know that if I don’t capture it now then I won’t accurately be able to speak to this process’ usefulness in the future.

While the project is still underway, and therefore elements of this process may change in the future, it is possible to identify specific steps I’ve undertaken thus far. In particular, this post is going to focus on the organisation of the content, the content curation, and the posting process. The motivations and some academic underpinnings of the project can be found in an earlier post here. Continue reading